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Dr. Hammel Sb

Nathan Hammel, MDBoard Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon

Licensed General
Practice Physician

Nathan Hammel, MDBoard Certified Orthopaedic SurgeonLicensed General Practice Physician

I am a board-certified Orthopaedic Surgeon who began on this path over twenty years ago with diet, exercise, family life and medical practice all in balance. I have come to a holistic approach to wellness with behavioral modification, medical management, emotional wellbeing and financial planning for security to live in balance over the course of my own life. With the explosion of the industry surrounding what has been my life all along, I feel compelled to participate in the health advancement of individuals and ensure they chose the best path forward. My practice has always centered on long appointments with patients and increased communication including routine use of e-mail. This new model will allow me to spend more time with fewer patients and hopefully have a bigger impact on the course of their lives.

I was trained at Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia PA and graduated with honors. I trained for Orthopaedic Surgery in the United States Navy and spent additional time training in the management of bone and muscle tumors. Through that practice, I learned about cancers and how they proliferate and metastasize. I saw first-hand how lifestyle modifications even when initiated late in the disease course could have dramatic effects for the individual. I refined my practice to the treatment of hip and knee arthritis in adults since leaving the military in 2017. I currently maintain a practice treating hip and knee arthritis with regenerative medicine and replacement surgery.

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CORE Orthopaedic Medical Center

332 Santa Fe Drive
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Encinitas, CA 92024