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Dr. Hammel Sb

Nathan Hammel, MDBoard Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon

Licensed General
Practice Physician

With the availability of piecemeal or do-it-yourself longevity treatments, patients can easily be overwhelmed or worse, combine treatments from different providers or paraprofessionals which could be dangerous. Online clinics with physicians you never see or talk to, or local clinics run by Physician Assistants or Nurse practitioners with no specific training in these areas can leave you feeling like you aren’t being managed comprehensively. Additionally, many of these clinics make their money by reselling medications to you at marks up which are routinely 5,000% or more.

This offering is true concierge small group management with unprecedented physician access. With an emphasis on primary prevention (let’s prevent your first heart attack not your second) and small group non-clinical interaction with your physician. Let’s talk about heart rate zone training while we work out. With group exercise options spanning the fitness range, we can maintain exercise accountability and increase options to get your questions answered from your physician. Let’s talk about supplements while in a group yoga class where we improve our stability and balance.

Services Available :

  • Full concierge general practice medicine. -I am your new primary care doctor.
  • Supervised physical therapy and personal training.
  • Regenerative medicine including PRP and stem cell treatments.
  • Out of office access to me during group exercise activities.
  • Referral when needed to a trusted group of providers for:
    • Medical and surgical subspecialty services
    • Personal training
    • Nutritionist assessments and education
    • Aestetic services with a dermatologist or aesthetician
    • Behavioral and emotional therapy with psychologist or psychiatrist
    • Financial planning and retirement planning


Much of the data that is available in the non-medical press revolves around optimizing. I recommend a more measured approach to each facet of longevity and wellness. Hyperfocus on one aspect of wellness at the expense of all the rest is missing the picture and it is not possible to always live optimized in all aspects. Would you rather get an A+ and four F’s in school or five A- grades?

Useful Links

  • Philadelphia University and Thomas Jefferson University
  • The Naval Medical Center
  • University Of Miami Hospital
  • American Board Of Orthopaedic Surgery

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