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The advAntage of Well-Planned Concierge Longevity Medicine

With the availability of piecemeal or do-it-yourself longevity treatments, patients can easily be overwhelmed or worse, combine treatments from different providers or paraprofessionals which could be dangerous. Online clinics with physicians you never see or talk to, or local clinics run by Physician Assistants or Nurse Practitioners with no specific training in these areas can leave you feeling like you aren’t being managed comprehensively. Additionally, many of these clinics make their money by reselling medications to you at mark ups which are routinely 5,000% or more.


A Measured Approach to Longevity & Wellness

We focus on improving 5 main areas to enhance quality of life and longevity offering full concierge primary care services as well as a referral to a trusted group of providers when necessary.

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  • MeetDr. Hammel board certified orthopaedic surgeon

    I am a board-certified Orthopaedic Surgeon who began on this path over twenty years ago with diet, exercise, family life and medical practice all in balance. I have come to a holistic approach to wellness with behavioral modification, medical management, emotional wellbeing and financial planning for security to live in balance over the course of my own life.

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