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All patients are encouraged to have insurance accepted by the practice to reduce the costs associated with testing and medical management. Your membership allows for increased visit time in the office as well as access to enhanced physician access and peripheral evaluations and treatments as well as a discount on all services provided by this office which are not covered by insurance. Your insurance will be billed for your office visits as standard. Co-insurance and copayments will be waived when not prohibited by Medicare rules. Cash pay patients are accepted and will be charged at a discounted cash pay rate for office visits.

The supplemental fee for these services is $250 per month. This includes unprecedented physician access outside of normal working hours in group exercise settings as well as services typically provided with concierge medical practices including a cap of the number of patients that will be managed, direct phone and email correspondence with the physician and availability of immediate contact visits in person and/or virtual.

Useful Links

  • Philadelphia University and Thomas Jefferson University
  • The Naval Medical Center
  • University Of Miami Hospital
  • American Board Of Orthopaedic Surgery

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